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Workflow Snail Mail

Here is an outline of my workflow for paper documents (normally received via snail mail)

  1. Is it trash? – if yes: dump it and exit
  2. Scan the document (as pdf)
  3. Name the file “yyyymmdd name.pdf”
  4. File the paper – filing of paper will be discussed in a separate post.
  5. File the scan in my private folder “scans” on my MS SkyDrive account
  6. Link in my diary
    (I have a private WordPress blog I use as my personal diary – will be covered in a separate post). I post a link here, since often I’m searching for a paper I received “sometime last summer”.
  7. Optional: additional link in my wiki (will be covered in a separate post)
    e.g. if it is a letter from my insurance company I also link it from the appropriate entry in my wiki
  8. Optional: extract information from the letter and put it in my wiki
    e.g. new insurance number…