Google Wave Keyboard Shortcuts

Found in a Wave, I try to update it, whenever I notice something different/additional

Wave Navigation
Up/Down arrows use to navigate messages.
Tab/Shift-tab same as Up/Down arrows (outside edit mode)
Home/End focus first/last message
Space go to next unread message.
Left/Right arrows to switch focus between digest panel and wave panel.
Page Up/Down go to the next page in the panel [does not currently work, known bugs]
Ctrl-Space mark all messages read (focus must be on wave panel though)

Enter replies to messages: the new message will appear just below the selected message (it will be the same indentation level if it is the first reply, but indented more if a non-first reply).
Shift-Enter replies to messages at the end of thread: the new message will appear at the same indentation level, and at the BOTTOM most position.
Shift-Enter while editing ends editing (equivalent to clicking the done button)
highlight text + Enter inline reply: the new message will appear indented and INSIDE the current message.
Ctrl-R same as enter
Ctrl-E edit message
Ctrl-Enter (while editing) insert inline reply at caret

Text Editing
Ctrl-B toggles bold attributes for selected text
Ctrl-I toggles italics attributes for selected text
Ctrl-G Color
Ctrl-L Links to another Wave (highlight text, hit CTRL-L and put in a URL or a Wave ID (see Debug menu for ID’s) [NOTE: we will soon change the key combo]

Ctrl-C copy the selected text.
Ctrl-X cut the selected text.
Ctrl-V paste the text from the text buffer.

Structural Formatting
Ctrl-<n> Make the current line a heading, where n = 1..4 for different sized headings.
Ctrl-5 Bullets
Ctrl-6 Normal (removes heading/bullet style, but not bold/italic etc. current visual glitch in some browsers where text stays big – but this is not persistent.)
Ctrl-7 LTR + Left align
Ctrl-8 RTL + Right align

7 thoughts on “Google Wave Keyboard Shortcuts

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  2. Joyce.van

    can someone tell me, please, why we are held hostage to trying to memorizing a gazillion different keyboard shortcuts that vary by application????? Power? Fame? Riches? Self-importance? Lawyers? Physical Therapists and Orthopaedic surgeons?

    Most applications have a range of common tasks; they are confusing laid out in different menu structures in the first place, but then have “proprietary” access options. “Universal Access” my you-know-what…

  3. Takis Peppas

    Thanks for the info.

    Any hints as to why some of the shortcuts do not work on Mac?
    E..g. can’t find a shortcut for the Edit mode!

  4. Takis Peppas

    In the meanwhile I did some testing and found out that ctrl-E seldom works in Google Chrome. Most of the times it does nothing! Firefox & Safari don’t have this problem. It seems to be an issue with Chrome? I don’t know …

    Running Leopard and not using Waveboard.

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