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Some things that got my attention lately:

  • I started the Düsseldorfer Google Technology User Group GTUG
    in the moment we are preparing a Google Wave Hackathon
  • I got an invite for Google Voice – but I cannot use it, ’cause I’m in Germany (up to now Google Voice is only available in the U.S.)
  • Free WebDav space – first I tried box.net but it was very, very slow for me. So I tried MyDisk (2 GB free, paid plans available), a sweden based startup – and I am very, very happy with it 🙂 Dead simple setup on my mac and iphone, works extremely fast for me
  • Freshly installed tools on my mac
    • GimmeSomeTune
      iTunes plugin for automatic downloading of lyrics
    • Evernote
      one of the best note taking tools available
      I use it as a quick and dirty inbox, standard note taking is done within Google Sites
    • ProVoc
      Free vocabulary trainer, many vocabulary files available
      I use it to learn some polish

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