Mixed Content 20090326

Some things that got my attention lately:

  • Xobni is out of beta – highly recommended Outlook plugin
  • still working on some stuff for my talks/workshops with the headline:
    “Personal Productivity for Teams” 
    – how to transfer the principles, tools and methods for personal productivity to work for (project) teams in corporate environments
    End of April I will give a speech to some clients about this topic
  • I evaluated some CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems for my personal use (keep track of networking activities…) 
    • vTiger CRM – currently I’m using this system (self hosted)
    • SugarCRM
    • Highrise
    • SalesForce Personal Edition
  • I stopped smoking 🙂 no special reason for this move – I just decided to try it again (I stopped smoking a few years back, but after 9 months and approx 15 kilograms additional fat I started it again)
  • latest posts:
  • posts in my pipeline:
    • CRM for personal use
    • Diary – how I use my personal diary
    • Wiki – how I use my personal wiki
    • How I handle regular tasks and follow-ups
    • RememberTheMilk – how I use RememberTheMilk for my task management
    • Location based social networks
    • Flickr– how I use flickr

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