Mixed Content 20090201

Some things that got my attention lately:

  • I began working in a new client’s project – therefore not much time to catch up with all my private stuff
  • Friendfeed: since my time for catching up with rss, twitter, … is very limited, I started to digg deeper into friendfeed. I like especially the features
    • “Like” – quickly mark an entry as interesting
    • Lists – I have lists like “regular” for people I don’t want to miss and “qualified” for people I regularly interact with….
    • “Best-of-day/week/month” – very fast and efficient way to get an idea what was interesting today for the people I follow
    • “Imaginery Friends” – not everyone is on friendfeed – follow them by creating their streams as an imaginery friend.
  • latest posts:
    • no posts
  • posts in my pipeline:
    • Diary – how I use my personal diary
    • Wiki – how I use my personal wiki
    • How I handle regular tasks and follow-ups

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