Why I use Twitter


Why do I use Twitter? – short answer: I love it.

Longer answer:

I’m constantly searching for interesting people and knowledge – Twitter is a perfect channel for me to meet people and find interesting stuff.
I follow people I’m interested in – they talk about stuff they are interested in. Chance is high, that this is stuff I’m also interested in. I think you get my point.

Common arguments I heard against twitter:

  • too much noise – I’m not interested in trivia
    my answer: follow only people, that talk about interesting things. When they talk about trivia, it normally doesn’t hurt you
  • too much traffic – I don’t have the time for so much input
    my answer: no one says, that you have to read everything. Twitter is a constant flow of tweets – jump in the river when you have time. Safely ignore the stream when you have no time.
  • too much redundant traffic
    this is perfect for me to find the really interesting things – if many people talk about the same thing it is likely to be interesting for me too. Similar to digg….
    To the people arguing that they read RSS and don’t need blog announcements via Twitter: RSS subscribers != Twitter followers
    Important for me is the point, that Twitter is short, fast and easy: many people tweet very interesting things, that they don’t have time to blog about it. If you only follow their blog posts, you miss some very cool stuff.

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