Mixed Content 20090125

Some things that got my attention lately:

  • OpenDB
    I installed opendb on my domain, since I was not able to find a really cool media tracking system (DVDs, Books, …). It is not very beautiful, but it works for me.
  • FriendFeed + Twitter
    FriendFeed now offers a simple assistant to add the people you’re following to friendfeed too.
  • On Friday I talked about “Personal Productivity” to some colleagues. Got very interesting feedback, so I can further improve my workshop.
    I’m thinking about separating my stuff into separate talks, but don’t have a good idea in the moment. The things I’m talking about:
    • GTD
    • Productivity Tips, Lifehacks, Attention
    • Personal Knowledge Management
    • Web 2.0
    • Social Networking
  • latest posts:
  • posts in my pipeline:
    • Diary – how I use my personal diary
    • Wiki – how I use my personal wiki
    • How I handle regular tasks and follow-ups

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