Cocktail Party Knowledge: Ties

Did You ever wonder, how many ways there are to tie a tie?

Thomas Fink and Yong Mao (two physicists) wanted to know it exactly and used a formal mathematic/physical approach: 85 ways to tie a tie. But only 13 of them are considered aesthetic. The book also contains some background info regarding the history of ties.

Links to the book: 

By the way: in 2006 the typical German man spent 23 Euros per year for ties (source).
Another statistic say, that 21% buy at least one tie per year.

Video tutorial for Full Windsor Knot at VideoJug.

One thought on “Cocktail Party Knowledge: Ties

  1. holger

    I gave this book to my father in law 2 years ago. Before I gave it away, I sat down and tied every single knot in there. There is still a picture of me going around the family with one of the last knots in the book … looking very dandy 🙂

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