My current Social Networks

I am a member of numerous social networks around the web. Currently I’m using Xing and Facebook.


You can find me on Xing here: Xing

Screenshot 20081229 134829

Focus of my Xing activities is work related stuff. My main language here is German.

What I love about Xing:

  • Xing is very popular in Germany and I can find nearly every business contact here.
  • easy tracking of (work related) changes regarding my contacts (new company…)
  • Xing is expanding, so I hope to find international contacts here too

I’m also on LinkedIn, but I’m not using it very often.


You can find me on Facebook here: Facebook

Screenshot 20081229 135030


Focus of my facebook activities is private stuff. My main language on this is English.
What I love in Facebook is

  • application platform
    e.g. I linked my Twitter status to the Facebook status
  • perfect for my photo collection (You get unlimited space for photos)